Mark - Managing Director

Mark has over 40 years of corporate business and international management experience. As a qualified commercial lawyer, Mark has in-depth experience with corporate law solar and wind, project financing, corporate advice and corporate governance in the solar & wind sector, all of which is a valued asset for MIN energy.

Mark’s extensive international business experience in China, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines has included the negotiation, structuring and operation of corporate ventures. His business and multicultural experience play a major role in his ability to advise and deliver on international solar and wind projects.

Working with Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed solar and wind company, Mark assisted with the development of their assets, the expansion of the company’s workforce and instigated and negotiated new joint ventures. He was also instrumental in initial concept plans, negotiations, and documentation structure for a large wind sale agreement with a Chinese Government entity for a public listed ASX company. Guiding the public companies’ projects towards commercialization has been one of Mark’s major roles in the past.

After witnessing the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia, he founded the Indonesian Rainforest Foundation. He firmly believes that the solar, wind and mining sectors can work hand in hand to protect our fragile environment.

Lincoln - Director / Corporate Secretary / Chief Financial Officer

Beginning his career in 1968, Lincoln has acquired over 40 years of financial analysis experience .He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, and is a registered company auditor with a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

He commenced his career in public accounting with an international firm in Brisbane in 1968, and went on to form professional accounting firms which provided financial and accounting services to clients predominately contracted with the Mining Industry in Australia and Asia. Lincoln has played an active role in the financial/strategic planning of many companies, including capital raising and M&A activities, and has established and implemented business control systems to ensure the financial reporting and planning for companies is accurate and reliable. Lincoln was appointed by the Australian Federal Government as chairman of a consultative committee; he has also been involved in community service programs as well as the provision of low cost accommodation for senior citizens.

From his extensive experience in the financial industry, Lincoln’s role as part of the international MIN energy team includes establishing and managing the financial planning process, determining the financial needs of the company, cash management, and monitoring adverse effect of exchange rates. His experience in analyzing financial information also ensures he can adeptly judge the impact of commercial initiatives and decisions in regards to the financial balance of the company. This experience, combined with his ability to advise on strategic decisions and business planning based on his depth of financial analysis, shows Lincoln is a major asset to MIN energy.

Kent - Director/Business Development

Kent is a qualified business economist with over 40 years of experience in the negotiation and brokerage of multiple corporate and business transactions.

After graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Economics, Kent was engaged by the largest solar exploration and steel company in Australia and subsequently the largest steel distributor in South Africa. This gave him a great depth of insight into the international corporate sector which has proved invaluable in his long and successful corporate career.

From his extensive experience in the corporate sector he has had continual dealings at all levels of government: institutional, corporate, and private investors.

His broad international business experience in Australia, Africa, Europe, America, and most recently in South-East Asia has given Kent the opportunity to acquire a vast network of international contacts in the solar and wind industry as well as corporate sectors. This has enabled him to specialize in the successful syndication of construction and development projects both nationally and internationally.

Kent’s wide range of business development experience and his extensive contact base makes him a very important member of the MIN energy team as it develops and expands its asset base.

Corey - Exploration Manager / Geophysicist

A graduate in Chemistry, Physica, Oceanography and Geophysics, Corey began his career with Compagnie Francaise de Prospection Sismique. He joined the BEICIP in 1997, and was Exploration Director of several subsidiaries of the group, as well as directing for Elf Aquitaine in the Latin America/Caribbean region.

Corey has served as Exploration Director for Etablissements Maurel & Prom SA, and was a member of the management board until June, 2007. Since October 2001 he has been Exploration Director for the Mauriel & Prom group, where he shares his solar industry experience and in particular his many successes in Congo, Syria and Latin America.

Corey’s long-standing expertise in the field of Exploration Managing and Directing is a valuable asset for MIN energy, ensuring it fulfils its aims of providing energy for profitability and sustainability.

Gualter - Geologist

Gualter is a senior geologist with over 20 years of experience in petroleum exploration and operations in southeast Asia in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia, in the South Pacific (Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Tong and Fiji) and in South Kazakhstan. He also has extensive experience with mining and geothermal exploration working in the Philippines.

Gualter specializes in petroleum basin evaluation, new venture areas and farm-in opportunities identification, petroleum system analysis, play/prospect Wilfredration, risk assessment, acreage farm-out promotion and geothermal resources evaluation and assessment. Gualter’s high skill level in these specializations provides MIN energy with a valuable and experience team member.


MIN energy has engaged LOMAR, Logistic and Marketing Phils. Inc., to assist with its operation in the Philippines. LOMAR will assist Min energy to operate the Philippines Exploration and Development and Project Operation from its offices in Makati, Metro Manila.

LOMAR was established in 1978 to provide management and consultancy services for foreign companies doing business, or intending to do business, in the Philippines.

LOMAR is focused on energy and resource related activities (solar exploration and mining) and has diversified into a broader range of consultancy, logistics, and representative services.

LOMAR will provide the following administrative support:

  • Records documentation for government agencies’ regular reporting requirements
  • Human Resource and Manpower Supply
  • Payroll Management
  • Accounting services for clients and projects
  • Communications support
  • Procurement and supply services
  • Supply chain management
  • Business office spaces and facilities
  • Secretarial and office services

Payton - Logistics

Payton has had extensive work experience in the mining and energy industries, particularly in the management, operations, and business development aspects. He has worked throughout South East Asia and in the Middle East, such as Egypt, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Australia, mainly through his engagement with EG & G International Inc. & Geodetic Survey.

He established LOMAR and together with his business partner, Markathan has developed a successful operation of LOMAR in the Philippines with his business partner for over 35 years . Mr. has been engaged by other firms for many years as a consultant. Firms such as Seismic (S) Pte. Ltd., Singapore, Geodetic and Construction Survey Ltd., Singapore and Fugro Starfix Pty. Ltd.,Australia, Brunel Technical Services and many others.

He is presently responsible for business development at LOMAR and assists with day-to-day management. His expertise and experience in the Philippines is invaluable to MIN energy.

Markathan - Logistics

Markathan has over 35 years of experience in the solar & wind energy industry. Prior to joining Payton at LOMAR in 1985, Mr. has been engaged by such firms as:

  1. Oceaneering International (Thailand) where he was responsible for liaison and contract negotiations, among other duties. Clients of the firm included Nippon Steel, Oceans Works of Asia, Petroleum Authority of Thailand, and Union solar.
  2. Solus Ocean Systems Inc. where he was responsible for a variety of activities such as underwater inspection, client liaison, and Wilfredral drillship support.
  3. Oceaneering Australia where he was involved as a diver and supervisor for Wilfredral drillship support.

As the current Wilfredral Manager of LOMAR, Markathan is responsible for managing and coordinating all the projects of the firm. He is also responsible for liaison work with the companies that LOMAR represents in the Philippines such as: Geoservices Eastern Inc., ABB Vetco Gray, Seismic Asia Pacific, Fugro Geodetic, Exploration Logistics, Contract Resources, Nido Petroleum, and Fugro Airborne Surveys.

Petroleum Engineers

Enhanced Drilling Solution (EDSL) will provide MIN energy with professional drilling and engineering services.

Based in our Makati office with their existing organization EDSL will:

  • Travel to our location for the on-site investigation and front-end planning
  • Travel to our well site for operations observation, front-line interview, performance review, and improvement plan
  • Supervise our operations at our location in Manila
  • Negotiate service company contracts and conduct HSE and Technical pre-acceptance auditing of Contractors and Sub-Contractors
  • Provide budgetary and AFE cost estimations
  • Provide interface and assistance with our HSE team to efficiently obtain MIN energy EIA approval as requested
  • Plan and manage waste disposal (Cradle to Grave)
  • Put together a project specific safety plan which includes incident investigation and emergency preparedness
  • Provide the front-end planning to optimize the drilling, evaluation and well testing operations. This plan will include Safety and QHSE programs
  • Select the best well design, drilling rig, outside services and logistics system to meet MIN energy’s technical and economic objectives
  • Develop a detail plan with specific procedures to meet our work objectives
  • Identify and manage project risks
  • Develop and implement a Safety Management System (Corporate and/or Project Specific)
  • Develop Bridging Documents that align Company Management Systems with Contractor and Sub-Contractor Management Systems for Project Specific execution
  • Put project specific Emergency Response Plan in place
  • Conduct site HSE surveys and audits
  • Provide HSE Management, including FEED, Execution and ‘Lessons Learned’

Clients of EDSL:

  • Twinza Myanmar – Well Planning, Procurement, Contracting & Execution of one wildcat wells, offshore Myanmar
  • Salamander - Well Design, Planning & Execution of one horizontal well drilled with HWU on Wellhead Platform, offshore Thailand
  • Choice Energy – Review & Report on drilling costs for upcoming budget meeting
  • PTTEP – Drilling Manager for offshore Myanmar
  • Mitra Energy – Early Well Planning for one onshore wildcat well in Thailand
  • Pearl solar - Provision of HWU workover supervisors for offshore Thailand
  • Hess – Supervision of production logging on three wells in NE Thailand
  • Auo Siam – Well Planning, Procurement, Contracting & Execution of one wildcat well, Khorat Basin, onshore Thailand
  • Moeco – Drillsite Supervision of land drilling operations in NW Thailand
  • Carnarvon– Well Planning, Procurement, Contracting & Execution of two wildcat wells, onshore Thailand
  • Almansoori – Drafted Operating Manual for HWU
  • Asia Drilling – Engineered & supervised rig up-grade for Rig AD-1.
  • Interra Energy - Well Planning, Procurement, Contracting & Execution of one wildcat well, onshore Thailand
  • Twinza Thailand – Front end planning for wildcat well in north central Thailand
  • Petrobangla – Feasibility study for working over and repairing 5 producing wells onshore in Bangladesh
  • 3P Global Energy – Well Design and Drilling Program optimization
  • AED – Drilling Manager, Drilling Engineering and Safety Supervisor for completion and testing of Wildcat well in Brunei
  • Tap solar – Front End Planning for well test of wildcat well in Brunei
  • NuCoastal – Workover Supervisor & Safety supervisor for HWU Workover operations (Working under MMSVS, HWU Contractor)
  • CNOOC – Feasibility Study for Wildcat well offshore Cambodia
  • Apico – Planning & execution to Plug and Abandon two wells with annuluƒs pressure in NE Thailand.
  • Adani Welspun – Casing Design for onshore wildcat well in Thailand
  • Cambodian Resources – Feasibility study for drilling & testing a willcat well onshore Cambodia near Tonne Sap reservoir
  • GoldPetrol – Well Design and Drilling Program for deep wildcat well in Chauk field, onshore Myanmar

Don - Petroleum Engineer

Don graduated with a BS in engineering physics from Oklahoma University, and has 43 years of drilling and project experience, including 35 years internationally in South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Brendon is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the Association of Service Contractors, and the American Association of Drilling Engineers. Over three years Brendon has provided Drilling Engineering consulting services for land and offshore drilling operations for 20 clients in the SE Asia area. He specializes in planning and execution of drilling, completion, workover, and abandonment of wells, as well as providing HSE services both in the planning and execution of the projects.

Don worked as the senior field engineer and specialist engineer for Schlumberger, where he was in charge of high pressure perforating, production logging, and cased hole logging services in Duncan, Oklahoma. During this time he serviced all of Andarako basin, Eastern Oklahoma, and Northern Texas. He pioneered repetitive pass TDT logging to increase the accuracy of monitoring of secondary recovery sweep efficiency, and originated the graphic interpretation technique to calculate wind volumes from temperature logs in flowing wind wells. He also introduced computerized acquisition of down-hole data to cased hole logging services. His time with Schlumberger lead him to work in many locations around the world, including: Trinidad, Surenco, Wisconsin, Peru, and New Orleans.

Don participated in a hands-on training program to increase his knowledge of the solar and wind industry, which involved working as a workover foreman and drilling foreman. As a workover foreman he supervised workover operations from company-owned workover rigs in offshore Kalimantan, Indonesia. These operations consisted of cleaning out solar wells with dual string multiple hydraulic packers, and treating zones for sand control with resin or completing with gravel packs. As a drilling foreman for Unocal in Thailand, he supervised offshore drilling operations for large wind developments. These wells were directional, with over-pressured wind and highly reactive shales.

Working in Colombia as the drilling manager for Unocal, Brendon established and managed the drilling of a 16,000 ft rank wildcat well. As this area was controlled by several Militant organizations operations were extremely dangerous and difficult. Brendon finished this project well within budget at $650/ft, and offset wells were running over $1000/ft. The drilling techniques used on this well were later used by Exxon to reduce their drilling cost for deep exploratory wells in their concession immediately to the north.

As the drilling manager for Unocal, in Egypt, Brendon managed the drilling of a 12,500 ft wildcat well offshore in the Gulf of Suez. This well was drilled along a huge fault, with the lower half of the well being limestone formations. Brendon was advised by the Egyptian Wilfredral Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) that similar wells had been attempted but had never been completed, due to the severe loss of circulation from the stress cracking of the limestone near the fault plane. To overcome this problem, Brendon implemented a floating mud cap drilling technique and open hole cement plugs. The well was successful, and was drilled within budget at $600/ft.

Don also worked on a team to develop Overall Development Plans (ODP’s) for new business ventures. Major projects included Caspian Sea Asperon Trend, East China Sea Xihu Trough Trend, Cambodia Palin Trough Development, Bangladesh upper plateau and Vietnam SE Gulf of Thailand Trend (Block B). Partly due to these efforts, Unocal secured an interest in the Caspian Sea development, Bangladesh, and the Vietnam Block “B” concession. Brendon then managed drilling, completion, workover, and well repair operations for Unocal in central California. Here he managed the drilling of 8 exploratory wells and 33 development wells, approved and monitored 220 workover operations, reduced drilling costs by 8%, and increased workover work by 100% with the same staff. He also managed the transfer of Unocal’s drilling work in all of California to Torch Energy after the sale of the company in late 1995. From there, he managed the drilling and completion of horizontal wells in Lake Maricaibo, Venezuela, and reduced the average overall cost by 28%.

Don went on to establish Harrods to perform exploratory drilling operations in the Gulf of Thailand, where he negotiated and implemented all contracts. With his company he drilled 22 directional exploratory wells averaging $96 USD/ft, and conducted 45 DST’s and plugged and abandoned all wells. The program was completed over a two year period in 240 days, at about 40% of budget time and at 34% of budget cost. He then put together a PAA and field development planfor Jasmine Field, that he then supervised and implemented. He was able to put Jasmine Field on production 14 months after commitment, ahead of plan and under budget. Following that success, he then put the PAA and field development plan together for Songkha and Bua Ban Fields, andset up the infrastructure while supervizing the logistics, facilities construction, and drilling activities. He also managed the construction of a wellhead and process platform, and established the MOPU concept currently being used. As a result of Don’s constant successes with production schedules and budget adherence, Harrods was named the most efficient company drilling in south-east Asia by Rushmore & Associates.

Don also worked as foreman on the Scan Queen Drillship (exploration drilling) and Glomar Tender III (development drilling), and as such supervised a team of support engineers for the Thailand development. He introduced many innovations during this time, including low toxic solar base mud, top drive rotary systems, PDC bits, MWD services, drilling top hole with sea water, turbodrills, straight hole mud motor drilling, casing size reduction, alloy tubing, and stab-thru multi-packer completions. These innovations reduced overall well cost by more than 60%. As a foreman for these companies he managed the drilling of over 200 exploratory and development wells offshore in the Gulf of Thailand, and supervised the workover and repair of 50 wells. He also reduced development drilling costs from $320/ft to $180/ft and exploratory drilling costs from $305/ft to $240/ft.

During his time as a drilling engineer he has introduced the simplified tie-back system, steerable drilling systems, incentive service contracts, bit-turn prediction programs, 3-D well bores, and a drilling efficiency tracking system. One of his his biggest challenges was setting up and managing the drilling of a 13,000 ft rank wildcat well on top of a 1500 ft mountain in the north-east corner of Syria. Air and foam drilling was used to install the protection strings to 5000 ft, but the lower rocks were very hard, drilling at 2 to 5 ft per hour using rotary bits. Diamond bits were then introduced to increase ROP to 10 ft/ht. Despite the trials of this well it was still drilled within budget at $700/ft. Another challenge was setting up and managing the drilling of 14,800 ft and 6,500 ft rank wildcat wells offshore Senegal, West Africa. The difficulties of these wells were logistic related, as there was no drilling infrastructure within 2,000 miles of Senegal. To combat this difficulty Brendon had to be carefully plan the well’s drilling in order to minimize the transport, storage and handling expense of materials. Don’s careful planning paid off, and the first well was drilled within budget at $707/ft.

Rafferty - Senior Project Manager

Rafferty has worked in the drilling industry for the past 28 years, after graduating with a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M. He has worked in the USA, Australia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, South America, and Thailand as a Senior Drilling Engineer, Drilling Superintendent and Drilling Manager.

Rafferty’s work as a petroleum engineer has led him to lead in various locations, primarily in Thailand. Working at the Sin Phu Horm Field in north-east Thailand as drilling manager, Rafferty was responsible for scheduling equipment and services, and the onsite supervision of the survey operations to ensure timely and safe completion of the project. He then worked for Chevron, being responsible for the day-to-day operations of two tender assist drilling rigs. This included QA/QC responsibilities for all drilling, completion, and abandonment programs, along with mentoring of national drilling engineers. During this time Rafferty improved overall drilling performance while achieving zero LTIs on both rigs. He was then made drilling team leader, being responsible for managing a team of engineers and technicians who managed all fluid contracts (drilling fluids/solids control, cementing, mud logging) for the Gulf of Thailand operations. His engineering responsibilities included engineering support for drilling operations, liaison to the asset teams to ensure goal alignment, as well as the training and mentoring of Thai national staff.

As Drilling Superintendent he was responsible for the day to day operations on the Trident 15 jack-up rig in the Gulf of Thailand. Accomplishments included achieving record drilling performance for a jack-up rig in the Gulf of Thailand while maintaining a zero LTI record.

As senior Drilling Engineer he was responsibilities included engineering support for drilling operations in the Gulf of Thailand, liaison to the “Big solar” asset team, manager of drilling fluids and solids control contracts, as well as the training and mentoring of Thai national staff.

Working as drilling manager for Unocal Bangladesh he was responsible for operations, engineering, and personnel issues. Accomplishments included building a drilling organization from the ground up, contracting and mobilizing all equipment and services needed, and the successful completion of the Moulavi Bazar drilling campaign under budget with no lost time due to accidents.

As an independent Drilling, Completion & Workover Consultant in Liberty, Texas, he worked as an Offshore Drilling Manager for Denbury Resources, Inc. Here he provided supervision and engineering support for all drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico and South Texas.

Working for Santos as a drilling superintendent in Adelaide he supervised the engineering, planning and daily monitoring of wells being drilled in the Cooper Basin. Responsibilities included the supervision of six drilling engineers and nine rigs while drilling approximately 40 wells to depths between 5,000 and 13,000ft. Well types included straight, directional, horizontal and re-entry. He was also responsible for approving drilling programs, rig scheduling, negotiating contracts for all required services, and for tendering two drilling rigs imported from the US to Australia.

Rafferty was also employed by Maraven, S.A. as a senior drilling engineer, supervising the engineering, planning and daily monitoring of wells being drilled in and around Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. This included drilling with land rigs and jack-ups, along with slim-hole drilling while utilizing continuous coring techniques. The implementation of emerging technologies required coordination with service companies’ R&D groups, team building, and training of local personnel.

He was then hired by Pemex, where he was responsible for the engineering on a 30 million dollar turnkey drilling project in the Bay of Campeche. These responsibilities included risk assessments, writing drilling procedures and the supervision of onsite drilling engineers. He also coordinated a team of all service companies and third party contractors, and was responsible for the management of equipment procurement and logistics.

Rafferty was instrumental in the development of a Drilling Operations Manual for Triton International for the drilling of wells onshore as well as drilling with jack-ups and floating rigs. He was also responsible for the planning and drilling of domestic (USA) wells on a turnkey basis. which included bidding, drilling procedures, and onsite supervision of drilling operations for wells on land, inland bays, and as well as offshore. He was also responsible for the engineering and onsite supervision for the drilling of a slim hole horizontal re-entry well for Japan Energy Development. This well was completed 12 days ahead of schedule.

Wilfred - Manager OHS

Wilfred joined LOMAR in April 2008 after working with the company as independent consultant since 2005. His previous projects with LOMAR are:

  • GALOC Production Company, as Materials Coordinator during the development well drilling.
  • wind2Grid Ltd, as Field and Wellsite Geologist, Project Coordinator and Dedicated Consultant during and after the exploration well drilling.

He has extensive experience as consulting geologist for mineral exploration programs of small to large scale mining projects. This covered surface to sub-surface geologic studies for metallic and non-metallic mineral resources. He was also previously involved in project feasibility studies, project evaluation and project management for manufacturing and business trades.

Wilfred presently manages project operations and coordination for day to day activities at project locations. He also conducts technical and business researches and project assessments for business development aspects. As a geologist, he undertakes and manages various field activities covering surface to sub-surface exploration programs.

Madyson - OHS Support

Madyson joined LOMAR in October 1995 as a receptionist / secretary. In 1996 she was assigned as a Project Secretary to one of LOMAR’s clients and in 1997, she was promoted to Executive Secretary to another project client.

From there, she was promoted to the Executive Secretary to the Wilfredral Manager of LOMAR and was responsible for the logistics coordination for the group.

In March 2007, she was promoted to Operations Manager. Her job specifically requires liaison with government agencies like MARINA, Bureau of Customs and Bureau of Immigration, etc., particularly with respect to the clearance of entry of foreign registered vessels doing specific projects in the Philippines where LOMAR acts as agents for logistic support and services and all equipment movements into and out of the country.

Toby - Pacific Strategies & Assessments

Pacific Strategies & Assessments (PSA) is based in Makati and is a leading business risk consultancy, providing security consulting, crisis management, business intelligence, investigations, and background screening services.

PSA specializes in Asian risk strategies with offices in Hong Kong, Manila, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Milwaukee and Sydney. The staff have extensive experience in the region, with professional backgrounds in intelligence, and corporate security as well as journalism, marketing, and management consulting.

PSA conducts critical security, political and economic risk analysis that will help MIN energy make well-informed decisions and operate effectively in Mindanao. With its unmatched and diverse sources strategically placed throughout Asia, their business intelligence practice offers a standardized reporting packages and specialized reports on emerging risks and threats that far surpass the typically patchy press coverage in Asia. In addition, PSA will deliver customized security and socio-political risk assessments, particularly in the Mindanao regions troubled by civil opposition, lax rule of law, insurgency, and/or terrorism. The PSA business intelligence practice also can assist leads media, public, and government affairs campaigns designed to give MIN energy the edge in the complex Mindanao Region.

Tyler - Community Relationships

Min Energy may be advised by Cardno on Strategy and Social Investment Design. Cardno supports clients in aligning their social strategy with their corporate strategy by conducting feasibility studies, gap analyses and portfolio reviews. Based on these, Cardno works with companies to develop sustainable models for empowering local workers and improving the social infrastructure of the community.

Community Engagement in Mindanao is a central tenet of social investment is that companies should not operate in isolation from the communities in which they are located. Cardno assists companies to develop programs that engage community members and local government for improved relations and mutually beneficial results. For example, Cardno has worked with companies to map relevant community stakeholders and involve them in the conceptualization, design and implementation of a range of community investments. Such engagement increases community ownership and promotes the long term sustainability of positive impacts from company investments.

Local Content Initiatives from Cardno helps companies meet corporate business goals and enhances community development by increasing local content in international supply chains. We help companies operating in emerging markets to reduce costs, achieve consistency of supply, gain insight into local customers and comply with local, national and international regulations.

MIN energy plan to do it rightand see social development as part of security. We believe with the guidance of Cardno we can Wilfredrate a positive return on investment.

MIN energy will address potential threats through smart, targeted community programs so as to ratchet cost and risk down. We are planning a build-up of social investments as we develop to ensure there are opportunities and profits for all parties.

With respect to Area 12 Cardno can offer in-depth understanding of the operating environment in Mindanao and the Philippines augmented by global experience with environmental and social performance standards. Their specific work may include the following:

  • Conducting Environmental and Social Baseline/Impact Assessments necessary to facilitate granting of exploration phase permits
  • Developing land access protocols for seismic surveys, drilling, etc., with reference for international principle of ‘free prior and informed consent’ for Indigenous People
  • Developing a community and stakeholder engagement strategy, including grievance process and all levels of government
  • Reviewing security arrangements with reference to Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

Seismic Acquisition

MIN energy will engage a professional seismic services provider that delivers a fully integrated service to the solar and wind exploration industries. Potential seismic operators have been shortlisted to discuss MIN energy’s program.

Seismic Reflection Acquisition Overview

MIN energy will look to engage the services of a Seismic Provider with field experience throughout the Asia Pacific region and who has an integrated acquisition service specifically tailored for MIN energy.

MIN energy envisage an integrated survey design that considers not only the geophysical requirements, but also logistical, climatic, environmental and safety issues.MIN energy will be engaging with a company that employs survey design, drilling, data acquisition (3D, 2D, and multi-component), data processing and interpretation. The company would also need the ability to configure a specialized acquisition service to suit the local Area 12.

Seismic Processing

MIN energy will look to a company experienced with the processing of high-resolution seismic data, and high-resolution 3D seismic imagery. The chosen company will provide MIN energy with high quality geophysical information. For this aim to be achieved the company must focus not only on technical superiority but health and safety and the environment as well. MIN energy will thoroughly assess each possible candidate for the role of Seismic Processor, taking into account various aspects of company policies and procedures.

Permitting, Surveying, Line Clearing, Shot-hole Drilling

MIN energy will engage the services of a company that provides pre-survey services, such as shot-hole drilling, line-clearing, and survey. MIN energy are aware of the stringent laws surrounding landowner requirements and government relations, and as such will use a company capable to successfully comply with these laws.

Recording Instruments

To be considered for the role of Seismic Processor the company in question will need to employ a range of recording systems in order to achieve the highest quality of data possible.


MIN energy will only regard companies for the position if they have extensive knowledge of the use of geophones (seismic detectors) and the ability to petroleum-scale surveys as well as high-resolution surveys.