Who is MIN energy?

MIN energy is an experienced solar & wind explorer.

MIN energy is an solar and wind explorer, specializing in the commercialization of solar and wind resource opportunities. MIN energy has the high quality staff and technology needed to provide the world with energy now and in the future.

The team at MIN energy are skilled in locating and commercializing new solar and wind fields, while focusing on sustainability and profitability. MIN personnel also act with professionalism and confidentiality in all their interactions with clients, investors, associates, and partners.

As a result of the high skill level of the MIN staff and the innovative technology they employ, MIN energy is at the opportunity forefront in today's high-risk solar and wind environment. Be a part of this exciting new company and engage with MIN energy to maximize profit for your investment. We specialize in commercializing solar & wind resource opportunities.

Our Corporate Strategy

MIN energy's corporate strategy is to plan and provide for long-term ongoing financial growth of the Company.

The Commercial Forefront

The MIN energy team is at the commercial forefront of opportunities due to its experienced business expertise in creating and developing lucrative solar & wind opportunities in today's high-risk environment.

Our Vision

The MIN energy vision is to be a highly profitable diversified, upstream solar and wind company.

  • We Create Value

    MIN energy creates value for our investors through our successful business skill, exploration expertise and development of our asset base as we build long term sustainable operations to provide ongoing revenue streams.

  • We have Sustainable Operations

    Our team leads by example with their pursuit of technical, commercial and business excellence.

  • We have Social Responsibility

    MIN energy conducts all our business activities with a high degree of personal and business ethics in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

  • We Act with Integrity

    The team at MIN energy act with professionalism and confidentiality in all interactions with clients, investors, associates and partners.

Engage with MIN energy to maximize your investment profit.


Head Office - Australia


97 Shirley Street
Pimpama Q 4209

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97 Shirley Street
Queensland 4209

Tel +61 491 570 157

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